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16th May, 2006. 12:19 am. Attention All Munchie Members!(maddymouse)

I was playin' my bass today and I thought, "Man, we haven't jammed in a while." So... do you guys wanna? Maybe this weekend? Next weekend?

We should make a recording before we all split next fall for college and what-have-you.

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12th January, 2006. 10:15 pm. ATENTION MUNCHIES!(turkey934)

i would like to have band pratice either Saturday or Monday of this weekend. we should actual learn those songs we were going to with aldo. i.e. Iron Maiden-Phantom of the Opera and The Darkness-I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

so everyone look up the tabs/lyrics for those songs. and if you don't have internet access for some reason, then just ask me, and im sure i can find 'em.

other songs that we're covering:
Jimi Hendrix-Purple Haze
Beatles-Yellow Submarine(?)

and thats all i remember.
if anyone wants to sujest more songs, obviously please do, but try and make it a song that either a)other people love, and will be an awesome crowd pleaser. or b) its a song that means a lot to you, and you'd be honored to cover it.
(NO RAP OR POP OR STUPID Crap like that.)

oh, and we should think about makeing another deom tape, since i have no idea what happened to the first one.

so yeah, everyone get back to me on when we can pratice.

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16th December, 2005. 11:19 pm.(turkey934)

hey, i can't have band pratice 2morrow. i have to work a show all day.

Current mood: exhausted.

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14th August, 2005. 11:18 am. songlist(my_garage)

beatles - yellow submarine
darkness - get your hands off of my woman
michael jackson - smooth criminal
rolling stones - paint it black
AC/DC - ???
jimi hendrix - purple haze

Current mood: drained.

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13th August, 2005. 11:41 pm.(zippyqueen)

I don't want to practice on Sunday, unless its the only available day. What days are good for you crackas next week? Oh, and for any other new community members who are groupies of the band, you can come too. If not for music, than for video gameage...I think...
MADELINE.......post the song list! I think we should work on yellow submarine and purple haze next practice.

Lyrics to DUNGEON MASTA, and some improved effort at doing tabs. A slashed line means play the same chord listed before it. It gets tedious to type the same numbers over and over.

D| 2
A| 2 5 4
E| 0 / / / / 7 6


E| 0 3 0 6 5 3

D| 2
A| 2
E| 0 / / / / 7 6


(Bass does its thing for 2 measures. Then Guitar comes in)
* the 111 chord is muted. The first 8 notes below are 8th notes.

D| 2 1
A| 2 1 5 7
E| 0 1 / / / / / / 3 5

The Dungeon Masta he knows your name

D| 2 1
A| 2 1 9 8
E| 0 1 / / / / / / 7 6

The Dungeon Masta he knows your domain

D| 2 1
A| 2 1 5 7
E| 0 1 / / / / / / 3 5

The Dungeon Masta he knows your race

D| 2
A| 2 9 8 7
E| 0 7 6 5

The Dungeon Masta he knows your FATE! (Fate is emphasized on last chord.)

eh, I'm too tired to right the rest of it. But let me no if part one is good, if the words are right, and then I'll write the rest tommorow.

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13th August, 2005. 10:00 pm.(turkey934)

sup everybody,
If someone could post the lyrics to Dungon Master, it would really help me out. cause im writing the tab for it, but for some of the song i follow the lyrics, and i dont really know how many measures i play. its that one part, right after my solo, but before the dueling guitars.
also i dont remeber what i did for the guitar solo, we need to pratice that.
speaking of which, whens our next band pratice?

Current mood: accomplished.

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13th August, 2005. 12:51 am. um what?(chezecakebettie)

so this is all of the tabs i could decifer for dungeon master. it's a little bague but i wasn't given a lot to work with..

[git box, regular tuning]
(rep.) (1sr time)) (2nd)
D|-2--/-/-/--/--9-8|| ||
A|-2--/-/-/--/--9-8|| ||
E|-0--/-/-/--/--8-6||----0-3-0-6--5-3- || -0-3-0-6-0-3-0----
||The DUNGEON MASTA! || oh masta masta masta

Bass (crazy fast)
(repeat a lot)

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12th August, 2005. 3:46 pm. tabs?(chezecakebettie)

hey guys. do you think it would be a cool idea to use this journal for tabs and lyrics and stuff? cuz we hardly use it anyway and we could start using it to like keep up with stuff when we're not rehersing.

plus i wanna learn how to play the dungeon mastaaaa on my guitar.

Current mood: awesome..

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4th August, 2005. 1:36 pm. HAPPY B_DAY!(turkey934)

i just wanted to say HAPPY B_DAY to my favorite Munchies Bassist Madeline! YAY!

Current mood: happy.

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15th July, 2005. 11:44 am. lets do a led zeppelin cover.(chezecakebettie)

guys, when we get back together i want everyone to plan on covering led zeppelin. everyone up for it? i'm thinking "your time is gonna come" because i really like that song right now but any led zeppelin song would rock... except stairway for heaven because everyone does that song.

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